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CBSMS is a joint venture between I-CUBE and 6D Solutions.

I-CUBE is South Africa's leading provider of imaging solutions, license plate and facial recognition technology.

6D Solutions develops software to client specification, in fields as diverse as e-commerce, web sites and services, traffic offence imaging systems, engineering, medical distribution, insurance, and multi level marketing.

The new joint venture CBSMS focuses on proactive crime prevention using real time links to multiple internal and external databases in order to generate a warning prior to the occurrence of a crime, allowing anticipation of the offence. The depth of experience and skill in imaging, software development and traffic systems brought by both I-CUBE and 6D Solutions allows for a dynamic and efficient solution to addressing issues around safety and security on both public and private roads.

All the projects CBSMS are involved with have a central theme of using images, as this allows both the real time and covert nature of the proactive crime prevention systems to operate to the best effect.

Advantages of CBSMS


● We discuss your application and budget, then make product recommendations which yield a hardware/software/camera combination that maximizes performance and minimizes cost.


● Our recommendations are credible because we can select products from any vendor, giving us the widest possible range from which to choose. From among these we select products offering the best combination of price and performance.


● We have over nineteen years combined experience in scientific imaging. This saves customers many hours of product research reading trade magazines, sorting through data sheets, and on the phone with salespeople.


● We know what hardware/software/camera combinations work well together so there are no surprises after setup; this is particularly important in matching frame grabbers to cameras and determining software image capture capabilities.


● This guarantees compatibility among components, saves customers from system integration headaches, and most importantly, provides one point of contact for Technical Support.


● As a Value Added Reseller our earnings come from the sale of products, which we sell at or below the standard selling price.

CBSMS is a Systems Integrator and Value Added Reseller of face recognition and license plate recognition software.

Integrated Intelligent Imaging Solutions

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Proactive crime prevention using advanced imaging technology and customised solutions.

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Golf estate / access-controlled community solutions

Traffic enforcement solutions for estates and controlled access communitites

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Legal issues and proposals

Relevant legal briefs, court judgements, and proposals for enforcement.

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CBSMS is South Africa's leading provider of License Plate Recognition; Facial Recognition AND Image Analysis systems and software

Product Portfolio

License plate recognition

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) for motor vehicles

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Facial recognition

Control and monitor access with advanced technology

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Image Analysis

Imaging expertise for science and industry

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Container recognition

Product line consists of recognition systems and software that tracks, reads and checks Shipping Container identification markings.

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Implementation and applications

The CBSMS system provides added value to estates, cities and municipalities, corporate offices and public areas, through its traffic and safety management capacity.

One of the most powerful aspects of the CBSMS Surveillance System is that it gives the client the ability to manage a large number of functions from one central point of control. The data that is collected can be used in a variety of ways to plan for and provide enhanced safety and security.

Universities and libraries

Parking facilities

Hospital security

Office blocks

Taxi route monitoring and enforcement


Distribution centres

Golf estates

Neighbourhood watch

Traffic departments