CBSMS is a joint venture between I-CUBE and 6D Solutions.

I-CUBE is South Africa’s leading provider of imaging solutions, license plate and facial recognition technology.  Currently the I-CUBE product line consists of both hardware and software in the License Plate Recognition, image analysis (counting and sizing), facial identification and verification areas.

I-CUBE focuses exclusively on integrated, intelligent imaging, where a camera is connected to a PC and intelligently performs a decision based on information within an image, completely integrated into the existing processes.

With over 67 sites in South Africa, the I-Cube LPR system is the leading software solution.  I-Cube was the first company in Africa to implement real time (sub second), high speed (over 175 KM /H), multi-lane LPR solution in a free flow environment, incorporating average speed determination (on an average 35 000 vehicles a day).

6D Solutions develops software to client specification, in fields as diverse as e-commerce, web sites and services, traffic offence imaging systems, engineering, medical distribution, insurance, and multi level marketing.

Together, I-CUBE and 6D Solutions operating as CBSMS, will analyse your imaging requirements and develop a customised solution to meet your needs; starting from the design phase though to development, hardware and software implementation, training and support.

Please contact CBSMS ( to discuss your imaging requirements.