CBSMS provides customers in the Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Materials and Forensics fields with a single source for imaging products using a consultative selling approach.

Imaging is our main business, not a sideline as with other CCTV & microscope dealers.

Application examples


● Electronic Imaging Fundamentals


● Product Measurement and Determination


● Smoke Stack Monitoring


● Bus Damage Tracking and Determination


● Product ID using Image Analysis


● Machine Vision

Machine vision systems provide numerous benefits and can be justified in many ways. Among the many benefits are:
– Greater understanding and control of production process
– Scrap reduction and scrap disposal costs
–  Labor and inventory reduction associated with rework
– Avoiding adding value to defective product
– Improving machine uptime
– Capital productivity costs associated with product returns and warranty repairs
– Improved labor utilization associated with production, inspection, and process control
– Improved consistency of the product delivered and customer satisfaction

ROI for machine vision systems are often measured in months, and the long-term payback will far exceed the initial investment.

Please contact CBSMS for a customised proposal for your imaging requirements.