The following list illustrates some examples of the users of I-CUBE technology. Please contact CBSMS for a customised proposal, taking into consideration your requirements, existing solutions and possible revenue sources.

The entrance of the school is covered with a camera, which is linked wirelessly to a PC running the I-Cube software. The students, staff and parents are enrolled into a local database, which allows specific messages to be placed on an electronic display, while visitors are directed to the visitor parking area and then to reception. The schools limited manpower resources can then focus on the visitors, rather than the known parents or staff.
The ability to link the license plate, driver facial image, vehicle type and colour, container number and weight of the truck and weight of goods listed on the invoice prevents unauthorised removal of any items. Productivity per vehicle is up while the number of hours wasted at weigh bridges has been substantially reduced, as the distribution centre no longer allows vehicles out which would be fined for overloading.
The existing cameras at the entrance and at key points through the estate were linked to the I-Cube LPR software allowing all visitors and residents to be logged at a number of points through the estate. The system was linked to a national database of suspect and stolen cars, allowing proactive crime prevention. When an alarm is detected, the armed reaction team are called into action, supporting the estate front end guards. A positive side effect of the I-Cube LPR solution is that the average speed of the vehicles is automatically determined, ensuring the estate remains children friendly.
Parking, or rather the lack of parking within an office block is the reason to call CBSMS. Each tenant has a certain number of bays allocated for staff and visitors. When these bays are occupied and more vehicles are allowed into the office block, the result is major congestion, causing severe frustration for both visitors and office workers. I-Cube utilised the existing cameras to count the number of vehicles into and out of the office block. When the number of vehicles approached critical level, a mobile LPR system was deployed and staff who were parking in visitor areas were requested to remove their vehicles. Failure to comply led to banning of those vehicles for a certain number of days, again utilising the I-Cube enabled LPR solution.
The problem faced by the neighbourhood watch is not that of limited resources or money, but of how to prevent known criminals from entering the area patrolled by the neighbourhood watch. The exiting dome cameras can be linked to the I-Cube LPR solution, plus a mobile LPR solution was provided. All vehicles and people entering the neighbourhood watch area are recorded and matched against the known criminals. If matched, these people can be approached and asked to explain where they are going and what they are doing. Car theft is reduced substantially while contact crimes no longer occur.
The department had a recovery rate of fewer than 30% of all fines issued. I-Cube introduced a road block LPR solution which allowed the traffic department to generate an alarm when a vehicle with an outstanding fine or warrant was detected. These vehicles were then automatically pulled over to a parking area where the drivers were informed of any fines or warrants were issued. The drivers had the option to pay any amounts outstanding via credit card, check or cash via the I-Cube supplied mobile payment systems. The number of outstanding fines has improved substantially to more than 70%.
If taxi routes are not regulated, commuters along non profitable routes are not serviced and violence between competing taxi associations often results. If the taxi routes are monitored with the I-Cube LPR solution illegal operators are immediately identified and prevented from operating. Where two of these monitoring points are linked, average speed determination can be determined and the number of trips per taxi per day can be calculated and communicated to the taxi owners.


Please contact CBSMS for a customised proposal, taking into consideration your requirements, existing solutions and possible revenue sources.