Most gated communities struggle with residents, visitors and contractors who speed on the roads inside the gated area, endangering lives and property. As the roads are on private property the local traffic police are powerless to act and the responsibility then devolves onto the management company.

Many management companies have a set of rules that govern the conduct of residents, visitors and contractors, which are agreed with the HOA (home owners association) or equivalent. These rules codify the behaviour and penalties for breaking the code.

Enforcement of the rules is difficult without the correct equipment and systems in place.

Our skill and technical capabilities make us an ideal partner in the monitoring and enforcement process. We have a number of full-function solutions, including spot speed cameras; ASD cameras; red letter boards to warn drivers of their speed; CCTV cameras for video monitoring of crime spots and other high-profile areas, etc.

The hardware we provide is complemented with a complete technical and computer system solution portfolio. These systems process the images, extract the data (speed, etc.), ANPR the registration number, process the violations through web based viewers and generate the penalty advices as laid down in the rules. The back office systems provide full management and payment capability and in addition can process an unpaid penalty to a dispute resolution committee or to a civil debt collection process.

We have prepared an excel spreadsheet to assist you to determine a budget for your traffic calming project. The budget includes our cameras and computer software as well as the support, civils and services that will be supplied by the management company or a third party contractor.

The spreadsheet is divided into three main sections:

  • ● gated community / estate statistical information
  • ● specific needs
  • ● detailed and itemised estimate


  Download Proforma Questionnaire & Material List  


We are available to assist you with any of the technical and system aspects of the project and will be delighted to present a formal quotation once the requirements and scope have been finalised. 


Please contact us at CBSMS  to discuss your specific requirements.